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She said they were receiving the perks of their job but without having to pay the same penalties. 'Their job is to make drinks, and they are taking our job as well. They are blocking us from being seen in the customer's eye.

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The strippers have launched an Instagram campaign to raise awareness about the issue and to encourage other dancers across the country to join their fight.

Startenders are a new breed of bar staff who becoming more popular across clubs in New York.

They draw in huge crowds by promoting clubs on their Instagram pages where they have millions of followers.

In another club, bartenders dressed in orange fishnet bodysuits are seen twerking for customers on the other side of the bar as they throw money.

The dancers, in black and pink, do not get access to the cash because the bartenders take it for themselves Stripper Gizelle Marie organized the strike after falling victim to other bartenders who she claims go as far as to tell customers not to tip the dancers.