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Maybe you could give specific examples of something that is typical in China that you think Americans would do differently.

The idea that "the mayor must be the latest to arrive" is interesting.

You know I really want to share some opinion of Americans from a Chinese eyesight. haha Our understanding of Amercian come from Internet, movie and our American teacher, that is very unilateral. A while ago, as part of a language exchange, I read an article (in Spanish) by someone from Latin America describing how we Americans viewed the world.

so I guess if I share that with you, you would feel very funny. I would enjoy hearing the stereotypes that Chinese people have of Americans. I didn't agree with many parts of the article. I have a few friends who are second or third generation Chinese (meaning their parents or grandparents were born in China).

It seems that everyone is equal, but actually class, discrimation are very normal in our country.