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Each other director, other than the ex officio directors shall qualify by executing and filing, as hereinafter provided, a bond in the penal sum of $25,000, and the secretary, if not a member of the Authority, shall execute and file, as hereinafter provided, a bond in the penal sum of $15,000.

All such bonds shall be payable to the People of the State of Illinois, and be conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties imposed upon such chairman, directors or secretary under this Act.

Upon the return of any resolution, by-law, rule, rate or regulation by the chairman, the vote by which the same was passed shall be reconsidered by the Board of Directors, and if upon such reconsideration two-thirds of all the Directors agree by yeas and nays to pass the same, it shall go into effect notwithstanding the chairman's refusal to approve thereof.

The chairman shall receive a salary of $18,000 per annum, or as set by the Compensation Review Board, whichever is greater, payable in monthly installments, together with reimbursement for necessary expenses incurred in the performance of his duties. Of the original directors, other than the chairman, so appointed by the Governor, 3 shall hold office for 2 years and 3 shall hold office for 4 years, from the date of their appointment and until their respective successors shall be duly appointed and qualified, but shall be subject to removal by the Governor for incompetency, neglect of duty or malfeasance.

After the initial term, each Toll Highway Inspector General shall serve for 5-year terms commencing on July 1 of the year of appointment and running through June 30 of the fifth following year.

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