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Observance began in 1993 and has grown significantly ever since; for the general public to show support, it is encouraged for the public to not use their taps throughout the whole day, the day has become a popular Facebook trend.

The basic objectives of carrying out of the World day of water resources: — To promote acceptance of corresponding measures for a solution of a problem of supply of the population potable water; — To inform the public on importance of protection and preservation of resources of fresh water and water resources as a whole; — To involve in celebrating of the World day of water resources of the government, the international agencies, the non-governmental organizations and a private sector.

Two main types of silicification occur together: (1) voids partly or entirely filled with quartz, and (2) limestone matrix that has been replaced by microcrystalline quartz with preservation of most of the primary limestone fabric.

There is a systematic relationship between silicification and high-porosity zones.

-Sub-Saharan Africa has the largest number of water-stressed countries of any region.