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Well I think that Jeff has expanded on what I already believed… Hi my name is Michael Meronic, I'm from Canada, and I'd just like to say that I'm a totally different person after this conference.

You know, that side you feel brewing beneath the surface and when you’ve seen it “flicker” women have ever felt a “spark” of something more RAW inside yourself, a dimension of your personality that you KNOW is as legitimate (if not more) as every other, but for some reason society has taught you to suppress??

…have you ever felt like you were “holding something back” and that there might be a “primal” element you were BORN WITH, which if you had the ability to “tap into” would have women flocking towards you in droves??

Another very important thing about picking up women and meeting them is to understand how a woman thinks.

And there was a lot of insight given by Jeff about how a woman thinks.

Without his speech I don't know if I would have had the vision to succeed that I have now. The most interesting lesson that I learned today was that pick up is a consequence of...something else, rather than just tactics and technique. If someone was considering taking this course and wanted to hear my advice about it, I'd just's up to you. If it's a part of your life that you want to get a handle on and develop as a person, then do it.