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The purpose of this research was to establish guidelines for surgeons to advise men who were seeking penile augmentation through surgery.

The researchers induced erection in these men by the use of drugs (pharmacologically induced erection).

The length of the penis was taken from the skin junction between the penis and the pubic area (with the tape pushed into the pubic bone) right along to the urethral meatus.

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All the men in this investigation had an intracavernous injection of Prostaglandin designed for evaluation of their erectile dysfunction; the measurement of their penises was taken during these investigations.

Penile length and circumference were measured when each man's erection was at its maximum.

The shaft of the penis hidden within this fat is effectively not available for intercourse!

In this study, total penile length was the sum of erect length and fat pad depth.

Or, if you don't, check out our page on The Facts About Penis Size!

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