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Some couples, though, say with a straight face that sex is not necessary to have a happy, satisfying marriage.

That may be true for people and there may be medical circumstances involved.

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In many households they’re the ones multi-tasking—often committed to full-time employment, taking on the lion’s share of child-rearing responsibilities, organizing the household—and in many cases, managing the finances.

That’s a lot to put on anyone’s plate and at times they may be just too tired or distracted when sex is added to the mix.

Hanna Rosin, in her 2010 Atlantic magazine piece, noted another new development: namely that women have become the majority by a slight margin in the full-time, workforce. For every two men who earned a college degree last year, three women did the same, Rosin reported. This reluctance of middle age women to seek marriage or a serious relationship may also stem from the fact that they were burned or abused in a previous relationship.

The bottom line is that the old stereotype of middle age single women needing to marry or remarry for financial security is fading. Or, that they simply are not willing to devote a large part of their time and energy to a man.

Divorced guys I’ve interviewed have told me there seems to be a growing number of single, middle age women (with or without children) out there on the dating scene who aren’t seeking marriage or a serious relationship.