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In the last two years I don’t remember to manage to spend one day alone.

I was lucky to have cultivated a handful of friendships that came in handy in times of trouble and I earned new ones on the way.

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“scene” after almost a decade of being in a couple.

I know that it’s actually a sort of “market” with buy and sells and value and all but let’s use the euphemism “scene”.

And if you’re too high, and you’ll always fear that someone better will come along. Probably, without this fear I would have stepped out of it sooner.

And if you’re not, if you’re sure that you found your dream partner and you’re ready to jump in the pool of a happy intimate long-lasting, enriching love, then remember that for your dream partner the above is also true. However, as soon as I did make that step out, I discovered that it’s not so difficult to have a social life outside the couple, especially in Luxembourg.

And that’s the one we should always, always love first…