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I just remember feeling so hurt in a way that bothered me because I didn't want to think of myself as somebody that could be affected by tabloid s--t.There was a picture of me walking alone on the beach: 'Aging Anna Faris, Alone on the Beach.'""I take pride in how great my relationship is with Chris.It was a tough decision to break up, and it took a lot of soul-searching on both sides.

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They can now touch each other wherever they please and even get right down to the hanky panky business of making babies.

(But can Joy-Anna wear pants like a regular human being?

She burst into tears when she saw he had an African stick bug framed on his wall—because she, too, was a collector of dead bugs.

And she gave me a wonderful son and family of in-laws that I truly love."So, how did the Washington State natives find each other in Hollywood? Though the bawdy comedy was a box office bomb—it debuted in theaters four years later, earning just $7.4 million—the actors felt an instant kinship on set. The day that she told me she was leaving her husband, I knew that I was going to marry her."After they began dating, Chris gave her a tour of his apartment.

Anna Faris is reportedly taking some time to heal her broken heart following her split with Chris Pratt.