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Publication on this site of information concerning developments relating to the law of the sea emanating from actions and decisions taken by States does not imply recognition by the United Nations of the validity of the actions and decisions in question.

They are expected to send a firm message to Argentina they wanted to remain British.

The list of cities in Uruguay is a list of all populated centres of Uruguay that have received the status of "Ciudad" (City).

That is a very strong argument in favour of Uruguay."A 1972 international agreement on the Antartic confirmed Uruguay as the rightful owner of the Falklands because it was based on the 1841 treaty, Mr Villegas added.

He told an interviewer: "It was signed first in the Uruguayan senate and then in the Argentine senate."The basis of that signature is the 1841 treaty."When the Argentine legislators signed, they were recognising that agreement."It's obvious they didn't read what they signed."One option for Uruguay now is to do nothing and let Argentina and Britain carry on their war of words over the islands, the authors argue.

The list of geographical coordinates and charts are annexed as Annex I and II, respectively, to the Law No.