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This application was written by a friend of mine who was looking for a boyfriend last year.

Gone are the days of organic meetings in bars (just kidding, hopefully); they have been replaced by fancy Tinder algorithms and OKCupid.

The most convenient way to find a dating partner now involves a bunch of user profiles that you can browse like a clothing rack in order to find the possible love of your life — or love of the night.

“You just know the question is coming: ‘So, 512 messages, huh? You meet someone at a party (an interesting friend of a friend), you like them, but before you know it, they disappear. You could ask your friend for their number and call out of the blue: ‘Hey, I’m that guy at the party, Steve gave me your number,’ and so on.

But what if they get annoyed at your friend for giving the number away?

- Be passionate about music that doesn't suck (no Back Street Boys).