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More entertainment news Though it is unconfirmed whether they are dating, gossip website TMZ reports they seemed very comfortable in one another's company and laughed a lot as they chatted. He wrote: '' This is gonna be a long flight...

Patrick - who, along with Taylor, was also seen with members of the Kennedy family - later took to his twitter page to reveal he had had an ''amazing'' holiday. Last row in the whole plane next to the bathrooms with 2 baby's sitting few seats away from me... My dad took me and my friends for a delicious dinner.

“He’s entering the University of Southern California in the fall and she doesn’t want anything distracting him.” [From Enquirer, print edition, July 23, 2012] Obviously, the danger here isn’t that Patrick (who’s a good-looking kid, no doubt) will fall helplessly in love with Taylor, who will mercilessly kick him aside like yesterday’s brunch leftovers. Instead, what would happen is that they’d have a semi-passionate affair for a few weeks, and then Patrick would get tired of the cling factor and dump Taylor over the phone.

Finally, Taylor would include the requisite humiliating song on her next album and move onto the next guy. But no one messes with Maria; that is, except for Arnold.

Kaiser once framed the issue in terms of Taylor being quite “predatory” in nature, but maybe I’d be the same way if I were a rich, successful country singer who could have her (temporary) choice of any boy in the room. Now two of this week’s tabloids have it on special authority that Taylor now has her sights set upon Patrick Schwarzenegger.