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Actually, the movement refers to the American government and its institutions as "the enemy."WAR claims that the white race can only survive by resisting the social integration with non-whites and by promoting racial segregation and the coalition of all white workers through the rekindling of racial hate.

A fanatic zeal is encouraged as being a moral quality.

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LEADER: Tom Metzger USUAL AREA OF OPERATION: United States The White Aryan Resistance (WAR) is a neo-Nazi national-socialist organization that preaches racial discrimination and solidarity among the Anglo-Saxon segment of the population, especially among white blue-collar workers, as a means of racial survival of the white men.

The anti-capitalistic doctrine of the organization is also known as "Third Force" or "Third Position," and based on the left-wing theories sponsored by Gregor Strasser, a German Nazi Party member, executed in 1934 by Hitler's order. The White Aryan Resistance (WAR) is a white supremacist faction of the American neo-Nazi movement.

WAR also promotes radio shows and distributes racist videotapes, lecturing about the neo-Nazism doctrine, other white supremacist movements, and skinheads.

WAR aligns with two associated organizations, the Aryan Youth Movement (AYM) and the Aryan Women's League (AWL), which actively promote Tom Metzger ideas.

The group also claims to be fighting against a Zionist-occupation government (ZOG) that purportedly controls the U. WAR was founded in California by Tom Metzger in the early 1980s and promoted the formation of several racist-oriented skinhead gangs in California and throughout the United States.