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More about The Decision Tools Suite Licensing and Training RISKOptimizer, as part of @RISK, is available through a variety of licensing options, including corporate, network, and academic licenses.

Implied Volatility Calculator 4.5: Enhanced IV skew Analysis.

Calls and puts can now optionally be shown separately on the one IV skew chart to highlight the differences between call and put IV and to visually identify skew crossover points.

In your spreadsheet itself, you need to add probability distribution functions to describe uncertain factors beyond your control.

For more on probability distribution functions, see @RISK. RISKOptimizer will start generating trial solutions, and running Monte Carlo simulations on each one, in an effort to achieve the target set in Step 1.

The result for each trial solution is the statistic that you wish to minimize or maximize for the output distribution of the target cell (mean, standard deviation, etc.). After optimization, RISKOptimizer can display the results of the original, best, and last solution on your entire model, updating it with each scenario in a single click.

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