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Below is a list of online poker rooms offering special deals for NWP'ers.

However, the time has come that all poker players, whether serious pros, or just casual weekenders in it for the entertainment, must turn to online venues, which by contrast, are dramatically cheaper to run and far more efficient for the player.

Although one may long for the live tells and casino atmosphere of the B& M, there are many distinct advantages of online poker over playing live.

Never Win Poker deals are made in cooperation with Pokernews, so NWP players will be able to participate in ALL Poker News promotions, freerolls and bonuses.

We present to you here some best deals we can offer.

Upload your hand histories into a program like Poker Tracker, and suddenly you're able to know your hourly rate, which hands are winning you the most money, where you have room to improve, which opponents are complete donks, etc. In a live poker room, you'll generally only find only a few tables running - perhaps only one at your preferred limit.