Backdating companies

And he never cashed in those options because they were replaced in 2003 by a grant of restricted stock.CEOs at other companies have been forced to resign for such activities. His job may be saved by the fact that he did not directly profit.Just so, which midlevel investigator at the Securities and Exchange Commission would have the temerity to recommend to Chairman Christopher Cox that the agency haul the most successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur into court?

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Consumers adore him for liberating them from the tyranny of expensive CDs and crappy radio.

Creative types love Jobs for creating the i Mac, a hipper alternative to the blocky PC.

Your risk is difficult to quantify without more specifics.

I would recommend talking to a qualified professional in this area if you are concerned. Another reason might be simply it costs them less to hire the OP and pay them at their employee rate than to pay their company at the contractor rate.

As Jack Shafer noted in 2005, even the press loves Jobs.