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Now interlace your fingers and place your hands on top of his head so that your palms are above his ears.

Begin gently pressing and rubbing the bottom of your palms against his scalp, then work your way down the back of his head, back up toward the top, and all the way to his forehead.

Improvise as needed to get all the shampoo massaged into a supersudsy froth. Spend a little time kneading his earlobes (an easily stimulated area) when you're done with his scalp. Fill the pitcher with clean, warm water, gently tilt his head back, then rinse out the shampoo.

Since this step is supercharged with sensuality, don't be surprised at the groans, shivers, and anything else that might, um, pop up. Once his hair is suds free, massage in some conditioner (if he uses it regularly), then rinse.

The Mind-Blowing Buff Gentle exfoliation can do much more than getting rid of dulling dead cells and yielding smoother, softer skin.

According to Michael Simon, a pampering pro at Ole Henriksen Face/Body spa, L.

Wring out the essential oil-infused towel, wrap it snugly around his head (the warmth will feel extrarelaxing) and massage his entire head (over the towel), neck, and shoulders.