Bisexual sex chat bot

I’ve put the questions into a few seperate categories for what “type” of questions they are, to make it easier on me.

I was wondering if you think I can get even more specific with the categories, and also if you agree with me putting some of them as “difficult.” I’ll post them below because it was all too much for this post.

In 1992 they were Health, Hockey, Relations With Your Real or Imaginary Wife or Husband, Men vs. I think the Loebner would benefit from a longer time limit for the testing period” The Chatbot Battles contest of Steve’s had a 15 minute conversation format as part of it, which was sufficient for “having a conversation”. ” and then asked a follow up question like “How many letters in my name?

I suppose the time limit would depend on the questions.

Eg wherein I might say “do you like flowers” and you answer “I love roses” and then I follow up with “which is your most favorite color”.

Difficult: What should you do before crossing a street?

Who should I talk to if I have an emotional problem?

” Yes, of course it requires you learn data from during the questioning to answer more questions. I was thinking of the usual sort of “followup” where the followup question depends on the original answer.