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When an RSS Feed is broken in Microsoft Outlook, the easiest way to repair is to recreate it. Microsoft Outlook 2007 experienced continuous problems with RSS Feeds; however, this appears to have been resolved in Outlook 2010. Select the web address, and press "Ctrl" and "C" on the \ keyboard to copy the URL.

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Yodlee have now made further changes to correct this.

We would suggesting activating/refreshing the feed once more to test if these changes have worked.'@Sandra, do have a quick read of the blog post I've linked above, as there's info on how to get Natwest working.

I set up automatic bank feeds for a number of Lloyds account with no issues at all, but once the feeds began coming through, I noticed a number of transaction were not appearing in Xero and at times, 3 or 4 days worth of transactions were missing from the feed.

As you can imagine, this is causing a lot of difficulty, taking up a great deal of time to figure out which transactions are missing and is overall really frustrating, when I've used the system so effortlessly with previous Clients.

I have been trying to update the bank feed for the last two days (myself and my colleague have tried on two accounts) and it says that it is refreshing but when it's finished no new transactions are added, yet looking at our Lloyds online banking I can see lots of new payments that haven't been imported, I have tried a good 5 times already today with the same result each time? Just wanted to close the loop here and add what's been posted on our bank feeds Blog page.' Lloyds (UK) – Business Banking & TSB Business Bank (UK) – Following the recent changes made within Lloyds online banking, Yodlee have had to build a new bank feed.