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In Rarotonga, Jonathan's stolen chicken escaped when Jessica accidentally freed it, angering Jonathan.At Manihiki, the women complained as their leader Sekou took a lot of breaks. All tribes, except for Manihiki, won flint and immunity.

With Yul holding the hidden immunity idol and Ozzy winning the final challenge, the four agreed to let a fire-making challenge decide who would join them at the Final Tribal Council; despite this taking more than an hour to complete, Becky emerged victorious.

The jury, seeing Becky's coat-tailing of Yul and poor performance at the fire-making challenge, did not consider any votes for her, and Yul's brains edged out Ozzy's brawn, five votes to four.

Penner returned for his third time in Survivor: Philippines.

Woodcock, now using her husband's surname of Cody, returned for her third time in Survivor: Blood vs. According to a local guidebook, pre-production began in the spring of 2006 and principal filming ran from July 3, 2006 until August 11, 2006.

In addition, Puka Puka, who came in first, received the fire-making kit.

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