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So what exactly is male figure skating — which has the potential to be a gay haven in the world of sports — so afraid of?Until the early 1900s, figure skating was mostly a way for wealthy men to show off their aristocratic grace and ample spare time by skating elegant figures and positions on the ice.

Another pulls his leg up behind his head while he's spinning, arching his back into a Biellmann position.

They swing their arms and exaggerate their facial expressions, gaping at one another's double axels or pressing their lips flat in concentration.

This info will be far more serviceable then knowing who won Best Song Written for Visual Media.

With a lifelong passion for food and cooking skating superstar Brian Boitano premiered a Food Network cooking series What Would Brian Boitano Make? In the series Brian takes viewers on a reality cooking adventure as he creates amazing food for a new event in each episode focusing on innovative but accessible dishes.

It wasn't really until three-time Olympic champion Sonja Henie came to Hollywood in the '30s — bringing with her short skirts, white skates, and a whole lot of sultry cuteness — that skating became, in the public eye, a primarily girls' sport.