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The vents are caused by a subterranean source of CO and other trace gases (no sulfur) that are bubbled into a shallow stretch of coastal ocean with sloping rocky reefs (18).Shallow rocky reef communities are exposed to increased acidification with natural temporal fluctuations (15).

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Here, we examine changes of a multispecies assemblage of marine invertebrates in the face of varying ocean acidification. () Does density compensation lead to compensation in aggregate invertebrate biomass and trophic structure?

In contrast to previous studies at the vent site (15), we focus on an entire assemblage rather than selected focal taxa.

Increased anthropogenic CO is predicted to be a major driver of environmental change in the coming century in both terrestrial and marine ecosystems (8, 9).

Large variation among species has been documented in biological responses to CO-induced ocean acidification in marine ecosystems (10, 11).

However, many organisms that build calcareous structures have shown reduced calcification, growth, and survival (10, 12, 13), suggesting that a wide diversity of species with calcified structures may respond similarly to ocean acidification.