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"You have a relationship with your audience as an actor, whether you're in a theatre or in film or on television." I ask Colin what was his relationship like with himself at that time.

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Taryn Manning is who we now recognize today as Pennsatucky from Orange Is The New Black.

Her characters story in Crossroads is pretty similar to Pennsatucky’s in OITNB.

And I'm not saying that the director [Yorgos Lanthimos] believes that as a blanket rule..." Does Colin believe that people are only out for themselves? I believe the majority of the time, yes, but I think there are always exceptions. "I don't align myself with any particular religion, or any particular philosophy on it,'' Colin says, and he is searching for "even a proximity with regard to what our purpose in life may be. But I tried very hard years and years ago to be an atheist, because I thought it was more interesting or I thought it had more intellectual validity or worth - and I couldn't quite cross the bridge," Colin says of atheism. So we can only comprehend what we can comprehend," Colin adds. I am completely fine that there are complexities and mysteries that are way beyond the understanding of any human being. But for the sculptor, who is creating the sculpture, it happens bit by bit, step by step. I couldn't find the handbrake." In 2000, after Joel Schumacher cast him in Tigerland, and then Phone Booth in 2002, the young Irish Brando from Castleknock (who after studying at the Gaiety School of Acting went on to appear in Ballykissangel in 1998 after mercifully missing out on Boyzone) was suddenly one of the biggest box-office draws internationally. I find nature pulls the steam out of you and f***s it over its own shoulder. That is very, very prevalent." Colin said a few years ago that he realised that he had entered an industry where money was the priority and that you would get a phone call on Saturday night to tell you what the box office opening was on Friday night and that it was all "horseshit". It had started to bleed and like a lot of Irish lads, myself included, he said, 'Ah, it's grand, it's nothing'.

I don't think there is one rule over every single person on the planet. I do think that people act from altruism and if somebody acts from altruism and they feel good about it, well, then the more cynical amongst us will go: 'Ah, they didn't do it selflessly! He feels every day that he is cradling the creation of human life, the human heart, so that he can perform surgery. Having said that, I don't find science and religion to be a dividing force. "I don't know what I am," he says returning to the original question of religious belief. You arrive wherever you arrive as a result of a thousand choices and happenstances. ' But if you see the grandchild every day it wouldn't be hugely dramatic. ' I kind of went through my whole life just to see where I made some choices and choices were based on fear; and how confused I may have been and I was trying to pretend that I wasn't confused. All that fear and all you went through is pretty normal, I say to him, except you did it in front of the eyes of the world. The brooding bad-boy of Hollywood was soon, inevitably, bent on self-destruction - he was swimming in a movie-star pool of booze, class A drugs, beautiful women and self-loathing and endless black-outs. I go on road trips and go to the cinema and hang out with my kids," he says. His first son, James Padraig, was born in 2003 - James's mother is the model Kim Bordenave - his second son, Henry, with his ex, Alicja Bachleda-Curus, is eight years old.) "I put on a bit of music. I just live it without being poison the way I was poison for years." Is it difficult to have that kind of self evolution in a town like Los Angeles where he lives? "Yeah," he says, now, "but I am sure I wouldn't have been saying that if the phone call I got on Saturday night was saying that the film was number one! Look, in every aspect of life, no matter what you do, whether you are coaching a football club or you are the head of a Fortune 500 company or what people might refer to as a movie star - whatever you may be - you just have to try and figure out what the true value of living is; and to have a fulfilling and decent life. "Cancel this whole interview if it leads you to think that! " But he is less all over the shop than he was, presumably? Then he went in and they did a biopsy and he was told that he had stage one cancer melanoma.

I'd heard that Colin (after the critically beating of Miami Vice and Alexander in 2004) believed his presence in In Bruges would be a negative one and, as such, didn't want to do it. People are going to come into the cinema - if they come in, that is; they might stay away! And having an addiction and not knowing as a man what to do in a male-dominated society that puts worth and high value on emotions of alpha behaviour and pack mentalities and such." And where vulnerability becomes something to laugh at, I say to him. "You know, if we as men don't know how to deal with fears then it becomes carcinogenic. So, I had a look back and it was very garden variety stuff and I started dealing with it. Is it true that when he came out of rehab, in the months afterwards, his mother kept expecting to get a phone call saying that her son was dead? " With neither drugs and alcohol in his life, how does Colin let off steam?