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Unfortunately the photographer is concentrating on the job at hand so much that he trips over backwards and lands in a pool of water.

The poor man flails around in the shallow water, dropping all of his three cameras in the pool.

The hilarious video shows a beautiful bride in a traditional white gown walking down the aisle with her groom shortly after their nuptials.

The dark-haired bride is grinning with delight, while the wedding photographer snaps away.

The woman dances provocatively, whipping her very long hair around and squatting down on the floor.

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    “So being at Exeter will be quite telling for how I’m going to get on but I’m just going to give it my all in the next few months and then see where I am.” Exeter boss Baxter was full of praise for Salmon when it was confirmed the former London Irish academy player would be leaving Championship side Rotherham Titans in January.

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