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Do you think that Chloe is just a girl that wants to have fun or is there some deep-rooted issue she needs to confront? I think the idea of being twenty-something and not knowing what you want and being scared of relationships and you have to figure out yourself and maybe you’re not ready for a relationship or not knowing for you want, I don’t think that has to be a separate issue. All of those things and whatever degree of whatever specifics that entails. Are you already back to work on The Vampire Diaries? We’re going into episode three and it’s been going great.

I think that’s completely normal but I don’t think that that means that it’s not an issue of any kind of higher perspective or advice. Where do you see yourself in 10 years personally and professionally? It’s actually nice to have a little bit of extra time with the series not airing until October.

[Caroline’s] is from turning into a vampire and mine has just been growing into responsibility as you get older and my perspective of who I am and what I want.

I definitely relate to both of the characters in different parts of my life that I find they parallel.

In July 2009 Accola starred in the Independent Horror film Deadgirl, which centers on two high school boys who discover an immortal woman in an abandoned asylum.