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I mean, my girlfriend Mary says, listen, Chelsea, whatever you're thinking about saying to a guy, cut it in half and then don't say anything at all. I think if I want to have casual sex -- I have this guy that works around the corner from where I live. He was the hotel manager and -- [Laughter] ANDY: Sounds like he's just rooting around in the bushes.

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Popular dating app Ok Cupid has released a slew of data about it's users' preferences when it comes to sex and dating.

The content hub, known as The Deep End, will tell you anything from how many times users mention "Trump" to what emoji received the highest reply rate.

That's not something to be proud of, thank you for reminding me. You've put on a little weight around the middle since our naked scene. Because you were standing -- CONAN: That's a truss.

CONAN: I knew you were here and I thought I'd set the table.

CHELSEA: So, you know -- and I have a hard time having a personal life. But first of all, you're incredibly attractive, as you know, I've seen you naked.