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Has she ever interacted somebody outside of their culture or has there always been an immersion but she just has been hesitant to formulate romantic relationships? Dating is hard anyway, dating within your race is hard.

There’s a lot of things that go into it, but I think that the bottom line that I would tell somebody who’s interested is just go for it. You just have to go for it and understand that at their core men are men. Our audience is black women, many of whom have been told repeatedly that they are undesirable, or less desirable, or that they’re destined to die alone, that there aren’t any good men particularly for them. I would tell them that they have been bamboozled, lied to. I mean remember in “Malcolm X” the speech where he said, “You all have been lied to”?

The first thing that I would tell somebody who’s ready to venture out… Certain parts of the United States aren’t necessarily as open to diverse dating as others.

I basically would have to find out some details about her. I think that the location is important, her willingness to use social media and the internet to find somebody, and just what her comfort level is.

People like dating shows so why not a multiracial, multicultural dating show? It was just kind of like we just found each other and the stars aligned.