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Putting your best foot forward For someone who was in a long-term relationship stepping back into the dating scene can provide an opportunity to "reinvent" themselves a bit like the new kid at school.

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There are a ton of smart, hot, charming, interesting, awesome people who met their partners online and are having a smashing good go of it.

There also are people who are far better at staying true to themselves online.

The thing about online dating is that I only have to make someone like the of me, and then be that idea for about six weeks until the guy -or me- got bored.

But within those six weeks, I got a rush from the texting banter, the first, second, third dates and the validation—oh, how I became addicted to the validation. Online dating became a game of scoring those validation points, a distraction from the truly difficult task of actually trying to connect with someone.

Surveys done by Our show that for many in this age category there are also fewer personal life stressors."They're looking for companionship and fun," Saltz says.