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I talked a lot with Simon about how to nuance what particularly was Kirk's trip in this whole thing.Once we landed on the idea of him growing out of and moving out of underneath his father's shadow, that made a lot of sense to have some great fun and the other stuff and those key moments.Just these little itty-bitty things that make us get bold and have a good time, and hopefully people appreciate it.

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It was definitely a different kind of feeling to make this movie without him, for me in particular. Justin was very, very determined, and as we spoke about it, I realized what he was doing, brilliantly, was he was not only taking out a main character, but he was removing the physical connective tissue between the crew, to see what happens when you take away the thing that physically bonds them together.

He was very much a part of it in spirit, and certainly in the film now, and it will be a part of anything we do onward for sure. If you take away that thing that necessitates their being a unit, do they dissipate, or do they come back together? You take it away very violently, and dramatically, and then you wait and see if they all come back together to be this frat, which is exactly what they are, and of course they do. She's homesick, and I felt that that's the one thing I appreciated the most about what Simon and Doug did for this installment, is that they made us human and just homesick and sad.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Yeah, that was very important to us—Doug, Justin, and I—going in.

For the people who've never seen it before, who perhaps aren't as familiar with Star Trek, they don't know about Kirk fighting whatever you said, Scott.

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