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I mean, a train's pretty big and it's easy to spot.

As Rosario Dawson's train controller character says, "it's [like a] missile the size of the Chrysler building".

It's their first day working together and it doesn't start well as the two don't get along.

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An idiot of a train engineer who's supposed to be moving a train inside the train yard, let's the train get away from him, under power, and it starts building speed on a main line in Pennsylvania, soon cruising out of control.

Just to make matters more interesting, it's revealed that several cars on the train contain a flammable explosive.

Adding human interest to the story are Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.

Pine plays Will, a new train conductor, while Washington is 28 year veteran, Frank.

The "villain" of the piece, Glavin, is a bit of a stereotype, more concerned with saving the company money than saving people's lives, but it doesn't hurt the story.