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Laura and summed the reaction up with, “Oh, come on.” Dr.

Laura, whose doctoral degree is in physiology, defended herself first in her own blog.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Yadav explained that he and his peers were not speaking as representatives of Westmont, but rather sought "to make a statement for the sake of our students and communities about what we as Christian professors take to be our calling and responsibility in the current political climate.""The site takes its name 'Confessing Faculty' from the 1934 Barmen declaration of 'the Confessing Church' that opposed the nationalism of German Christians during the Nazi era," explained Yadav."The allusion is not intended to equate the deep disorders of American social and political life with Nazism, but to emphasize the importance of not allowing the cultural or political aims of the state to co-opt the aims of the church."Yadav told CP that he saw the statement as "a call to confession and repentance where that is appropriate" and also "a call to action for all Christians working in the academy.""I hope that it leads to coalitions between faculty across a lot of theological and institutional divides to perform the Christian and intellectual work of resistance together, rather than in our disciplinary or institutional silos," continued Yadav.

One of the many signatories is Erin Smith, assistant professor of Psychology at California Baptist University.

For anyone who hasn't yet seen it, the Wikipedia entry on (not a medical) Dr. The fact that her warrior son has a my space page with hateful content is no surprise.