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Her beauty had charmed many, and she was once crowned “Miss Mobil Pegasus Night” in the 70’s.Betty was an astute investor and she migrated to Vancouver to spend her early retirement there to enjoy the four seasons as the weather in Singapore was too hot for her.I'm married to an incredibly talented & beautiful mosaic/ceramic artist and we have four awesome kids.

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The music theorist Athanasius Kircher hit the mark when he wrote that such variation ensures tasty music: after all, we do not want to eat the same food all the time.

But BWV 715 seems to be the musical equivalent of an Indian feast!

I was introduced to the internet about two decades ago while going to school for art.

Turns out I was better at designing and building web pages than I was at painting.

As in the case of all chorales, the melody is easy to sing and to remember.