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We’re like elephants that stampede over mice, except dumber, because at least mice are tangible.

"The Television Show" In this Apr 24 1953 episode Lou is a contestant who wins a pack of bubble gum on "Hold that Cuckoo" (a Bt C variant), but their neighbor slips on a piece of gum and takes them to court.

We all should be in tears – tears of repentance and intercession that God would have mercy, grant us more time to share the gospel and spare us before it’s too late.

[Christian Post] People often accuse me of mocking the religious, which is mostly unfair.

Except when it comes to mocking the ones who hate swear words, because hell yeah I do that, it’s the funnest shit ever.

Even as a child I could never understand why someone would come up with a word and then decide that everyone who used it was bad. That the concept of “vulgar words” exists in different languages proves that humans are all essentially superstitious idiots.

There’s masturbation, anal and oral sex, bestiality, nudity, defecation, copulation, prostitution, drugs and nonstop profane dialogue.– Cable TV offers us hilarious comedians like Amy Schumer, celebrated as “The New Queen of Shocking TV Comedy.” She does a military rape sketch and another one about sloppy sex on a plane. He mocks AIDS; acts out oral sex in his car; there’s bathroom hijinks and sexual references galore. with 16 full pages on this major trend celebrating how raunch comedians sell out theaters and tours with their no embarrassment, nothing sacred, in your face, hard-core humor.