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I like that these boxes are built around relationship building experiences and that they encourage communication about likes, dislikes, and off-limits.

I’ve found the following boxes on my searches, however, I beleive that they are now out of business.

He, on the other hand, had just graduated from chiropractic school and was back home studying for his boards, making plans for what to do next. Though we had been friends on Facebook since college, we weren't the type of friends who ever commented on each other's status updates or really kept up with each other, and he barely showed up in my news feed at all.

Because I was bored at home the day after I got back from Cuba, I hopped on Bumble and started swiping.

If you aren’t comfortable with one of those four themes – or if you want more of one of them – you can email them and they will pull (or add) those boxes from your queue.