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Sex addicts need to learn why they feel compelled to engage in inappropriate sexual activities, need to learn how they can control their temptations, and work on fixing the problems in their life that cause them to seek escape or release through inappropriate sexual gratification.

Sexual support groups modeled on the 12 steps of AA are found in all major centers, and sexual addiction therapists are equally common.

Researching Cybersex in Online Chat Rooms: the Ethnographic Approach By: Robin Hamman -- Online chat rooms have become the singles pubs of the nineties: a place where young people can go to meet new people, build friendships, find romance, and have safe sex.

[Portugese Translation by Luciano Almeida, March 2000] Robin Hamman talks about the use of ethnographic research methodology in researching sex online.

Cybersex addicts are unable to achieve the same sort of sexual fulfillment through physical interactions as they can online, and most will avoid sexual content with their partners.