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The data collected may be used to conduct other comparative evangelistic studies, to map the practice of best methods leading to the success of campaigns, to make of Lay Preachers and Pastors to be recognized at the Caribbean Union Conference Festival of the Laity and for the purpose of reporting.Please note that the South Caribbean Conference of Seventh-day Adventists values confidentiality and accuracy of information. Principally, the goal of the data collection is to track the number of Lay Preachers and Pastors outreach initiatives that have been conducted and to evaluate its progress through the harvesting of souls.

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There are several other festivities such as Panorama that promote music.

Other highly anticipated events on the annual calender include Diwali and the Tobago Heritage Festival.

As far as possible, they have retained traditional survival systems and practices including the cultivation of cassava, its processing methods and farming implements.

Cassava, first cultivated and processed in the Americas - over 9000 years ago it is estimated - is now grown in equatorial countries around the world, accounting for a wide range of industry and products. Though they have little influence on the social or economic life of the islands, they have given us a rich legacy of place names and words.

Since Trinidad was a meeting place of indigenous and non-indigenous groups especially from the time of British rule, it began developing toward the multicultural and muti-ethinc nation that remains one of its hallmark features today.