Dating a blue colar guy

in fact, he pretty much told her to stop hanging out with me (and we were good friends too) if she wanted to stay together with him.

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anyway she had the most difficult time keeping relationships, and it think it was more male insecurity about a woman with a strong career than the guy --it's just social programming about men being providers, the "stronger person" in the relationship, and stuff like that.

she ended finding some guy that was very dominant (in the macho sense) and she loved him.

Afterward, I will resume my first former major, which was psychology and finish the 2 remaining years.

My situation was very difficult for a while as I couldn't continue college and had to quit for personal reasons but I've been back since 2011.

Thats just it, it can work in any combination and at any level, but only if the people involved dont take social status too seriously or believe that someones profession or wealth, define them as a person. I have a masters degree and my husband has a two year tech degree; he is blue collar and I am a professional. Neither of us come from affluent backgrounds; frankly you can say we both had humble beginnings, and that probably helps.