Dating a crackhead

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If I knew any crackheads this would be good to know. Getting out of jail after being convicted of possesion of crack cocaine and smoking crack again. About 5 years ago, I realized I never saw her around. Two had moved out, but this girl and her youngest sister still lived at home. Her mom seemed pretty excited about a grandbaby and was showing her off.

He also seems to be an expert in the usage of the term crackhead, so I hope I'm using it correctly. Because everything he has said about crackheads is wrong (okay, both things). It's pretty commonly known that crack can be devastatingly addicting with just one use- if you're using it regularly, you are surely a crackhead. The little girl who lived across the street from us grew up to be a crack whore. After a while, I didn't see the girl anymore, but I still saw the baby. Then one day I saw her mom out with the sister and the baby.

In the beginning he would disappear from the halfway house and I would come to his rescue when he ran out of money. We were married in November 1999 and he had three binges in the spring of 2000. I have read and thought on each of your comments and decided that maybe I should give him a chance but on the other hand I AM FED UP and scared that if I don't go in a few months, maybe less "he's gonna get the callin" and the ****** will start all over again.

I had about a year of clean time under my belt when we met, he was straight off the streets. We eventually left the halfway house and moved in together.

I don't know how he is doing these days but he was a true crackhead and didn't fit the profile at all. Crackheads burn their lips on the pipe, causing scabs.