100 free flirt sex dating site - Dating an older male virgin

There are plenty of people who die without ever losing it. Many women of all ages take pride in taking a man's virginity from him, and/or teaching him how to be a good lover.

The desire and ability to learn are far more important in a sexual relationship than total number of sexual partners. A real woman who is looking for a relationship with a man for reasons other than sex won't care.

"yeah cuz you're 35thats also the problem, the only people who will be alright with you being 35 and a virgin are religious people.

Pretty much only another religious woman would be fine with it and would like that you are "pure" (and ever prefer, cuz to a religious woman you have been doing an excellent job in the eyes of god).

I mean I'm certainly not afraid to admit here that I'm still a virgin, only difference is I'm younger than you, but not that much, only a little over a decade.