Dating bad teeth most eventful speed dating

I was with a guy who had no teeth on top at all and a few on the bottom it didn't bother me at all i still thought he smile was adorable!they are the visual key to how well you look after yourself and by proxy everything else in your life. there are so many bad people out there, don't hold someone back because of teeth. sorry guess both my loves had bad teeth and they were the best. Were talking about people having rotting teeth who are not having the issue addressed. If he's poor and has no dental insurance that could explain it.

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Saul Pressner, DMD, says you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression—and first impressions are all about the smile.

He is a dentist in private practice in New York City. “Bleaching is a nice quick-fix for teeth that are no longer pearly white.“ The good news is that these treatments don’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars.

I broke up with a great girl because I felt her gums were too big, should have stuck with it. there is no way for me to get them pure white, so i could care less if the person i'm interested in has stained teeth.. It was easy for in love me to look past honestly now days toothless guys turn me on .

Something tells me the teeth thing has always been an issue but he still checks all the other boxes, so something tells me his personality outweighs the two teeth that could be fixed. If its through bad hygiene or illness and he hasn't had them seen to - still the same thing. maybe a dentist if it's SO BAD but I'm sure an amicable resolution can be reached I don't have a problem with people who have had dental work or missing or crooked teeth etc.

They can mask stains, fill gaps between teeth, and gloss over chips.