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What I tell my students is that if they keep asking someone out on a Friday or Saturday night and they keep hearing, “I can’t, but let’s do some other time,” then they should have some pride and move on. Economics is one of the most important subjects that students can take in college, and people “do economics” every day of their lives whether they realize it or not.

In my last Learn Liberty article, I mentioned that one of the most important concepts I teach in my principles of economics classes is .

What Jill is really saying is, “You want me to give up 4–6 hours of my precious Friday night sitting in a restaurant and then watching a hockey game with you? Let’s do coffee instead because I really don’t have much to do on Monday anyway and having a cup of coffee might take at most an hour, and I guess you’re nice enough to look at.” Out of politeness, most people don’t say that, but economics says that the opportunity cost of a Friday or Saturday night date is too high to go out with someone we feel lukewarm about.

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(Whether it takes months or years until MB = MC is subjective.) When MB = MC, it may be time to consider tying the knot.

If one partner decides to propose, no matter how romantic the setting and their words may be, what they are really saying behind those tears and poetic lines is, “The marginal benefit of dating you is now equal to the marginal cost.

Obviously, I am not “anti-love,” “anti-relationship,” or “anti-marriage” since I am, in fact, married.

The point is that many people are in relationships that they know are wrong, or relationships that are unhealthy, but they do not break up because they feel that the time that they have invested in the relationship will have been a waste.

I am almost positive if their Hollywood crush had asked them out, they would not have been as studious!

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