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Then we will dive into 24 foods that you can incorporate into your diet to see a steady increase over time. This Southeast Asian herb has been repeatedly proven to help boost sexual potency.Not only does it do this, but it also increases mens testosterone levels, sperm count, sperm quality, ejaculatory power, and has even been known to enlarge the male sex organs (even if only slightly, it’s pretty dam cool! It even increases well being and athletic performance.This sexual boost has been known and used for years.7) Banana The hero of many jokes (because of its phallus form), is also a great booster of that male sex organ.

However, you can also increase or awaken your desire, sexuality, sexual attraction and sex drive by eating certain foods known as From a scientific standpoint, many historically “powerful” aphrodisiacs may have had such strong results due to mere belief or their powers by users.

While nowadays, because of science, many foods are considered to be helpful in your sex life because of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals which they contain.

Most of them you probably have sitting right in your fridge! Check it out:1) Almonds This king of nuts has a great amount of vitamin B2, protein, vitamin E and calcium.

Indians, Arabs and Chinese have eaten almonds for centuries to increase their sexual powers.

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, even notes that almonds are a great food for brain activity and help to awaken sexual desire.

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