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Additional early sites include Taima-Taima, Pedra Pintada, Santa Barbara in the Channel Islands, Quebrada Tacahuay, and Quebrada Jaguay.

(Map by Joe Le Monnier) [LARGER IMAGE] Acclaimed in 1997 as the earliest known site in the Americas and the first undoubted pre-Clovis site, Monte Verde, in southern Chile, is now being questioned.

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The Importance of Monte Verde by Mark Rose, ARCHAEOLOGY The Site of Monte Verde by Michael B.

Collins, University of Texas at Austin Monte Verde Fallout compiled by Mark Rose, ARCHAEOLOGY The Burden of Proof Criteria to be Met What Value Site Visits?

They are irked that by going the extra mile in an attempt to demystify the site, they have left themselves open to microscopic examination.

"Fiedel asks many questions about our work at Monte Verde," says Dillehay, "one of which relates to the absence of radiocarbon dates on cordage.

The DNA in the bone carries a rare mutation that links it to chickens in Tonga and Samoa, and radiocarbon dating shows it is around 600 years old -- meaning it predates the arrival of Spanish conquerors in South America.