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Most of my clients have been married and divorced, and they need to know how to break certain patterns of behavior.I also do the coaching and the date feedback after each date—even after a relationship [forms] I'm still involved.When I take on a client I get to know them in the initial interview over the phone, and then we meet in person and I'll spend a day with them, go to their home, see how they live. I do work with women—I may suggest they change way they dress or their hairstyles—sometimes women need to be more sensual.

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Definitely the clients I'm working with have one thing in common—they're elite, with high net worth and very busy lives.

When I was working in the aerospace and defense industry, I was looking for CEOs with specific experience and for these guys I'm looking for specific type of woman.

She even managed to match both her cousin and another good friend with their husbands in her free time before giving in to destiny and joining a matchmaking service, eventually founding her own, Lasting Connections, in 2012.

"I think you're supposed to do what you're meant to do," says Sullivan.

Though she's based in Portland, Sullivan frequently works with clients in Houston and Dallas.