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From ’83 to ’91 I served duty at Columbus Xenos as a Central Teacher, a Leadership Class instructor, and an elder (“one of the boys”).

My family has always played a pivotal role in church-building and missions work for generations.

Sean is old enough now to drink beer (and make it), and he provides wonderful volunteer services at the Salvation Army and our North Street poverty-relief program, in addition to working at Giant Eagle, so he’s amazingly productive.

I was bored with Columbus, not because Columbus is boring (even though it is), but because I knew I had a stewardship which required attention: I was so lucky to be raised in a missionary’s family and to be a part of the most exciting movement I’ve ever seen, I simply couldn’t “retire” in Columbus holding such knowledge; my conscience wouldn’t allow me to, and so I moved north to Cleveland.

Fortunately our Cleveland work was really taking off, so I started working full time in this ministry teaching, leading, and building our Neo Xenos Webs. I’m busily I was saved in 1985 while attending The Ohio State University.

I’m an OSU Buckeye alumni , post-grad from Ashland Seminary, and a voracious student of life.

Visit Neoxenos to check out my recent writing efforts and commentary on the state of Christianity today, or listen to some of my teachings at the Neo Xenos Podcast site.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1956, the son of an Baptist “PK” (“preacher’s kid”) who was a navy captain late in WWII and rose to international prominence as an electrochemist at Battelle, a Columbus think-tank.