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It felt like I was seeing my siblings for the first time. Then the delusions went on and I started to have suicidal ideations and impulses.

I realized something was really wrong and with the help of a friend and my family I admitted myself in a psychiatric clinic.

There they put me on lithium when they found out that I had bipolar. Then I started reading about the long-therm kidney problems.

It did bring me to "normalcy" but I never liked it. My depression was getting worse and worse untill I changed psychiatrist and he decided that Lithium was not the drug for me. I still don't feel like my former self, I'm constantly tired and depressed, but I'm functional, somewhat stable and hoping that some day the treatments will be improved.

Which means- after 5730 years, the concentration of C-14 in a sample of tissue will be HALVED. I agree that journalists explaining science is often way off base.