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"We've won world championships before, I don't see why we can't again.

I never look at it as daunting, it's really exciting.

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"That was a different generation, he's going to have different views," says Claire, although she thinks a lot of what Sir Stirling said was "taken out of context".

Regardless, she adds: "I would like to think that women would be ballsy enough to go, 'actually, I'm going to prove you wrong'.

I went to an all-catholic boarding school, I either spent my time praying that an angel wouldn't come down and tell me I needed to be a nun, or, I was just going to get married and have children, that's what was expected." But now, Claire is determined to give F1 and Williams her full, undivided attention.

She is in a serious relationship – and makes no secret of the fact she wants to get married (when I make a mistake and start a question with the words, 'you are married', she interrupts abruptly and laughs, 'no I'm not') - but children are not yet on the agenda.

"There's no reason why women cannot come into Formula One; there's nothing stopping young girls coming in, as drivers, as technicians – send your CV in." "Traditionally roles in F1 have been regarded as quite 'male'.