Dating macedonian republic

Macedonia is a multiethnic country where a large number of ethnic groups, including Roma, Albanian, Serbian, and Turkish communities, have all been living next to each other for centuries.Orthodox Christianity is the main faith though the sizable Albanian minority is Muslim.Macedonia is a member of the UN and of the Council of Europe.

Emotionally balanced, able to cope well with feelings of anxiety, anger and vulnerability.

I generally prefer fact over fiction and security and stability over ambiguity and disorder.

Although one of the poorest countries in Europe, Macedonia has made significant progress in developing an open, market-based economy.

whilst the northwest was inhabited by the Dardani and the southwest by tribes known historically as the Enchelae, Pelagones and Lyncestae; the latter two are generally regarded as Molossian tribes of the northwestern Greek group, whilst the former two are considered Illyrian.

Macedonia's history dates back to antiquity, beginning with the kingdom of Paeonia, probably a mixed Thraco-Illyrian polity.