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A selection of our favourite and current commercials featuring both talented actors and real people are featured here on the ET Casting website.

In the last 5 years Emilys’ short and feature films have been nominated for or have won various prestigious and globally recognised awards such as Cannes Lions, British International Film Festival, Raindance, Palm Springs and most recently Sundance and BAFTA.

But my palette’s definitely changed so it was really good.'When asked how she feels about Erika Jayne, dubbed 'the new Brandi,' the real Brandi replied: 'We’re really nothing alike, but I like her "no bullsh*t" attitude.

Modelling is having the confidence and body awareness to pose for a photographer or walk the runway to promote new designs or products.

" The answer to that is yes, Lenny.''When I throw on a few pounds, I get it on my arms and my stomach. It’s so weird, but that’s the way the women in my family gain weight.