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These resources can provide invaluable information when planning your trip.

Additionally, many cities, states and areas in Brazil have English web sites packed with information and resources.

We've attempted to provide only the tried, true and most useful tips, dos and don'ts and information, however, they are not all inclusive nor do they presuppose any specific travel itinerary. Brazil is a vast country and there are many different Brazils within Brazil.

We're not a travel agency nor in any way affiliated with the Brazilian government and, therefore, cannot provide any recommendations about your individual travel plans nor offer any advice or information about obtaining a visa. Department of State information about traveling in Brazil as well as the U. Even the most basic understanding of the country's history, culture and people can go far in enriching your entire travel experience.

To travel during HIGH SEASON, you may need DOUBLE the number of miles that travel during LOW SEASON would require.

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